Saturday, September 1, 2012


Coffee does weird stuffs to me - I am in a trance of some sort - heart palpitations and feeble left hand and a very sleepy mind. I am exhausted and I hate number three. I hate number three in ways I don't want to give birth to a child on any third of the month. I would rather push earlier or push the baby back up. This is my number three post and I am dragging my fingers across the keyboard, trying to form each sentence.

I am not very superstitious but I am superstitious enough. If a cat crosses my path, it doesn't even have to be a black cat at all, I would spit to "clean" my path. Ridiculous, I know. If my slippers are accidentally overturned, I spit again. Some days, I make sure every time I start to walk somewhere, I make sure my right foot goes first if not I will just retract back and stand there in an almost attention for 15 minutes, in deep concentrated silence to undo the mistake. Just kidding.

Coffee without sugar is killing me but there is something amazing about coffee I cannot decline. Its like a date with the high school loser just because he can do homework for me. I hope it made sense as much as it made sense to my intoxicated brain.

7.56pm, I cannot wait to sleep.


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