Friday, September 7, 2012

The bliss of 'me' time

I have a rewarding job that meets my obsessive needs to have a lot of things under my control, not one but two adoring families rolled into one and a lover who doesn't seem to mind my eccentricity and I know I am perhaps one of the luckiest girl but I probably haven't quite realised that yet because here I am, alone in a cafe with just a barista who made me a cup of terrible tasting Americano or maybe it is the coffee beans they are using. I desperately needed a 'me' time. Maybe, I was a little premature in writing that line because in comes a showy crowd. I suppose they have shares in the cafe because they are causing quite a ruckus and the ceaseless horn blaring in the nearby traffic in my ears is not making my near nirvana experience that much delightful. I am only this (the space in between my words) close to rolling my eyes at them and plugging ear phones into my ears when I just want to surround myself in the beauty of written words. If there is one thing I disagree with our Nepali being, we can get extremely ostentatious when it really doesn't matter. I mean look at all the women, especially the married, plying the streets of Kathmandu, at least 99% has a string of gold chain across their neck - doesn't matter again, if it is fake or real, hopefully genuine.

So I woke up in the morning, still basking in the afterglow of a good night's sleep, to two Viber texts, one from my supervisor saying I should "Take rest" and that was that. Viber is the best App ever and I have the best boss ever, too. I did my duties as a daughter-in-law, well, I rushed through most parts. Viber-ed with my gentleman and got dressed up in my most comfortable stretchable leggings, a cute dress with bicycle prints around and splashed a red hue around my lips, not caring that it wasn't perfectly lined to the shape of my mouth and I went running for the micro to take me all the way to RNAC.

From there, I just grabbed the handle of the first "saafa" tempo in sight and sat my bum on its worn out seats, hoping to get lost and then be found in a place I have never been to but my heart took a downpour as the tempo swerved right into Kamaladi. I knew where I was going to - there goes my element of mystery! I walked right into a line of damaged roads, passed by college-going couples coming out of the cinema and I smiled at everyone of them and every other young and old couple on the road I saw holding hands (yes people belonging to outer iissshpace, couples holds hands openly nowadays) as my cat-eyed purple-pink shaded eye glasses hobbled around my imaginary nose bridge and my prominent cheekbones. I don't care if they thought I was out of my fucking mind and that I am way too colorful today because nothing can ruin my spirit today that not even those bunch of boys whom I presume has long hair and it must be curly, jamming out of beat and tenor in one of the old houses opposite to this spanking new building housing a perfect little cafe with neat little elegant chairs and expensive drinks which if I was smart enough, I could have gotten my bottle of cold mineral water for just Rs. 20 a pop instead of a heart aching Rs.100 in one of the bhatti pasals and they wouldn't have tasted any less pricey. But where would I get my wireless connection was the connection to my exorbitant budget for the day besides, I am finding joy in the tiny little things; like how I received five Rs. 100 denominations and eight Rs. 50 denominations for a Rs. 1000 change after buying a Rs. 100 recharge card. On an ordinary day, I would have told them to open up a bank but today, I just took the huge roll of cash in hand and somehow forced them into my wallet that is already filled to the brim with lipsticks and lip balms and ATM papers, yes all plural.

There is something just lovely in the air today. 

So I might not be at work but my heart and mind is. I have already made two calls to the office today and here I am sitting thinking of how I am going to start writing that assignment due in three days and what else I could write as I mentally organize the October planner to assign writers accordingly. I am unreasonably workaholic and I think I seriously need to start hating myself just for that alone but right now, I love myself more than anything and I deserve to do anything and everything I want to do today, be it just watching two goats being pulled by the string across their neck by a young lad to I assume the butcher's or eavesdropping into the conversation of the 'shareholders' from which I have concluded that a lady's high-pitched voice can be really irritating among a group of three men, or it could just be her voice, or working my work assignments despite not getting paid for the day, or reading Michael Jackson's autobiography or just touching the corners of my already irritated eyes out of utter curiosity which most likely occurred from my comfort-seeking body dragged across my room's un-swept carpeted floor as I talked to my husband last night, or just people watching and clutching my heart or my breast, so to speak, in my hands as I regret the cups of coffee I will drown myself in, like a true gypsy. Wait a minute, do gypsies even drink coffee? 

Tell me, what have you done for yourself lately? 

P.s: If anyone can see the aura around me, I am pretty sure it is in the color of rainbow because that is how wonderful I feel today.



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