Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 Jobs I Never Want To Hold

1) Sales Assistant for slimming products
- "Uh, yes madam, it makes you slim! You will lose 10 kilograms in 10 days without exercise." How does one say that with a straight face when they know deep down it isn't true and how does anyone take anyone who wants to take slimming pills seriously?

2) Seamstress
- Hours of eye strain and hours of back pain from sitting stiff on a chair with no back support and  tiny details, passssssssss!

3) Marketing Assistant
- Being in the magazine industry, I know what they deal with. Advertisers are people with too much money and people falling into this category are usually arrogant, narcissistic and pissing. I have seen the sarcastic e-mail they send to our Marketing Managers and its really distressing and to deal with bitchy clients every day...not my cup of tea. I cannot be bothered enough to please people first and foremost.

4) Dentist
- Just yucks, just yucks...seeing all the dirt in between teeth must be a major appetite killer all the friggin' time. Oh my lord, I don't want to kiss anyone right now. 

5) A kindergarten teacher (or any teacher for that)
-  Kids are ridiculous!

7) Snooki
- That girl is just twisted in every way possible.

7) A daughter-in-law
- Toughest job in the entire flipping world of possibilities and impossibilities. No job satisfactions at the end of the day and there is no appreciating, too. What is the point?

8) If I were a male, a gynaecologist
- How can you still get turned on by a woman seeing all that can happen down there? Just tell me, how do you do it?

9) Psychologist
- I watched season 7 of How I Met Your Mother and that psych guy Robin date, he pretty much has a sad life, knowing how to read a person's emotions and facial expressions without even intending to. I would never want to fit myself in such shoes because people are my inspiration and I like to create stories out of them and I don't want them to tell me anything about them, let me just play with my thoughts. I wouldn't want to know if someone has a crush on me, I will figure it out in time or that someone has a cancer and is not telling anyone or stuffs like that.

10) An English teacher
- English is a subject that simply cannot be taught...especially when it comes to higher standards. What do you teach after that? The same reason I don't understand why people have Masters in English but its just me and my plankton sized brain. The truth is, teaching needs a lot of patience which I obviously lack. I am so horrible in illustrating my knowledge, it is as though I am too selfish to depart with them and share what I already know. I wonder how I tutored once upon a time.

*My sincere respect to all those holding the job. I just couldn't sleep tonight.


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