Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love to me

Love in general

Love to me is the walk we take, holding hands in the grocery alley deciding what to have for dinner. The man I saw reading a book while walking right in the middle of the road, straight into people making way for him, and falling in love with his smile as he fell in love with the characters making him smile. It is music, books, movies, photographs and a comfortable chair. It is dark black coffee without sugar. Love is watching little babies who have just learnt to walk try to run. Love is discovering. Love is painful and pain in love is beautiful. Vulnerability is love, and so is folly.  Love is smiles and laughter; the louder the lovelier. It is the crawl into bed after a long day. Love to me is happiness, when something hangs onto my heart tightly. Love is like the wind catching in between the reddening leaves of autumn trees and the sunrise entering the room after a stormy night, maybe more beautiful. Love to me is the fights couples have, the disagreement and the hurting truth spurted in the midst of anger. Love is looking at people and watching their eyes, sometimes the expression cast on their face is so haunting I just want to touch them to let them know they are alive. Being there for someone is love, regardless how much of a stranger they might be. Love is lying to not hurt anyone. Love is giving and expecting something in return because there is only so much you can give. Love is fighting for the quilt in the winter night and then eventually giving up, and getting to the center of the bed holding onto each other for warmth, for sex and the world just revolving around the two. Love is waiting and knowing it is worth it.

My take on love

Love is something that makes me wonder. There are more days when I believe love to be a forced emotion, that two people in a relationship are in one because they crossed into each other’s life at the right time and just because and not because of fate or destiny or love.  The existence of love is a mystification, like a puzzle missing some pieces. Love is the Holy Grail of life and maybe, love should always be like the Holy Grail, knowing it probably exist but no one will be able to testify for it save for a few, the lucky few. Maybe, that is the beauty of love.

Love to me right now

Love to me is vague, like a dark sea on a painted canvas. Defined yet so mysterious. I know the sea ends somewhere, it has to end but in my quixotic mind, it doesn’t end. The sea flows into a gorgeous waterfall. Just like how a thunder surrounds the sea like as if it would engulf the entire ocean, love is like that. Emotions in love engulf us. We open ourselves and leave our emotions out in the open just to be struck over and over again. It is not a complain but complementary that two people from two walks of lives can come together with all the differences merged in between them to a faint line and all our shortcomings are tucked away, not overlooked but forgiven, like ruins of the sea on the seabed. Love is one lesson after another. We learn how to say the things our lovers want to hear, at the right time. We learn to please and get pleased. We learn to be each other’s weakness and strength and we learn our lover in and out, sincerely and unconsciously. And momentarily, when all our senses gather and we see ourselves and we don’t understand the rational over who we actually were and how we have morphed identical to each other, where our individualities has drifted away. Me becomes us and mine becomes ours. Love to me right now understands that love must exist. 

x Genisha

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