Saturday, October 27, 2012

If I win the lottery

If you are in Australia, perhaps just in Melbourne and you belong to the league of I-will-win-the-lottery-this-time thinkers, then you must have heard about the grand $70 million prize this coming week and if you haven't then, ask around because I am not particularly sure how it works. So, two mornings ago, gentleman told me about it. He has won before; $23 for a $50 ticket, that paid well for his brunch, so in my opinion, he has the potential. The last time it was a $50 million jackpot, I only remembered about the numbers I had to give him a couple of days after, so to me lottery is just well, lottery. I have never played it, but if you think gambling is kind of like it, then I am quite the Queen of it. 

The conversation from how many numbers I am supposed to give, structured into what I would do if I won, I have to repeat it again, if I won. Bruno Mars has sang a song about being a billionaire and what he would do, many love that song and many dream of being rich, whether or not they are believers of the luck-game. I've come across too many people in life who have told me, if they had money, they would do this and that. I am not one of those dreamers. I am a doer. I do things, instead of dreaming and wishing. When it comes to something I can't get and when I can't get something, it makes me so agitated and makes things more complicated for everyone  because I will go through lengths to just get what I want. What I wanted will become what I need. Point is, I have never thought what I would do if I had a million dollars, or presumably  I won this $70 million pot. Though, the probability is zero, I thought I might as well have a plan and because it would make quite an interesting blog post, if I say so myself.

1. I would scour for the perfect family home with acres and acres of land surrounding the house. I wouldn't fancy it in any of the first world countries because I hate them, they are overwhelmed with richness that covers their insecurities. I imagine it to be either in Bali or Thailand, where there are many beaches and boosts of a pureness in culture and not the fast-food culture.

2. And to get to the family home, you would need a plane to fit the family. Hell, I would get a helicopter. Just because I can bloody well afford one with $70 million and for reasoning of accessibility. 

3. Remember Elizabeth Taylor's enormous engagement ring? Yes, definitely mine. I would go through all kinds of trouble to be its owner but I wouldn't mind settling for one of those less famous but absolutely rare gems. Diamonds have always been my greatest weakness. I have to drag myself away when I see one.

4. I will buy The Week or any doing well or well-to-do publications going online due to the decrease in paper readership. The Internet will always be here and there will always be readers. I would even buy the publication I am currently working for. This will be a lucrative purchase and a successful family business. 

And the list of small-not-so-expensive-buys which I might be able to afford myself eventually, but what the hell, since we are on it.

1. A chain of diamond necklace, one which never goes out of fashion and one that I can pass down generations and still leave everyone awestruck.

2. An iPhone 5. Or iPhone 4s or whatever iPhone. I hope my trusty Nokia doesn't get hurt but I need to move on and get into the smartphone generation. I am heavily obsessed with the bitten apple generation more than the ice cream sandwich system which from my observations, always get hanged. Plus, if some gadget hottie talks iPhone to me, I will be able to have a smooth conversation with him because well, I am one of those nerds who refreshes, watches the keynotes and follow endless forums around and after the release. 

3. And if I really get into Team Apple, then I will need to complete my gadgets accordingly and take iCloud seriously. I am typing from an ageing Dell hence, I would love a MacBook Air. As far as I am concerned, this is for me. Sleek and thin, something which will be an advantage for me having to always have my laptop around me to type things out. As wonderful as the iPad is, typing is pretty difficult and iPad's external keyboard isn't exactly something that would work for me. 

4. A home. With big windows, big kitchen, open beams, maybe brick walls, rugged looking classy home.

5. When I was 18, I wrote a story about me and in it, I went into my future. The future me drove this red Volkswagen. 

6. I decided with my first pay check, I would get myself a LV-something. I almost did get a wallet because they are the cheapest of their variety but then, I don't recall what happened and then, I completely forgot about it. Now, I have already blew off two years of salary just like that, into thin air. 

7. This. Forever. This is a Harry Winston charm as my luck would have it. Had it been a brandless diamond ring, I would still be a slave of it. But, I would never get this for myself. It has to come from someone who knows me freakishly too well. 

8. A claw foot bathtub with endless supply of expensive bath salts that leaves me smelling like heaven. It is not about sinking into a tub of heaven but sinking in a tub that looks like heaven's gift. 

9. Get concert tickets for Rachael Yamagata, Imogen Heap, Britney Spears and all my favorite artists, and have the best seat in the house. 

And now, I have got to go because I am boring myself.


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