Friday, December 28, 2012

Birthday Lust List

28th, 29th, 30th, 31st December and 1st of January! Yay, happy birthday to me! The first day of yet another brand new year. It is amazing how fast time moves as you grow older that you can't seem to catch up with it. And yes, another number becomes my age, a year older, yet just another number. So what is more exciting than being the birthday girl? The gifts!

The birthday lust list...

1) A Swatch

I have something about Swatches, my first expensive watch was a Swatch and after that I have been just a huge fan of Swatches until I grew up to be a woman and Swatches just didn't cut out for the
type of matured clothes I started wearing plus, it looked a little unprofessional when it came to looking serious during a serious meeting or a fancy party but now, I am all ready to embrace my childhood love again and I am starting to go all dizzy in love with neon something and topsy turvy graphics.

2) Something naughty, something Victoria Secret

I am finally old enough to not be embarrassed to have a special wardrobe for lingerie and flaunt them. I cannot think of a better line to get all kinky and sexy and feel an instant billion dollars. I wouldn't mind the wings, too.


With me running out of space and weight with the relocation and everything (if you are aware), I have been seriously deprived of going on shopping sprees and I am not so happy, even though my bank account is so happy. So, if you get me some shopping vouchers or gift cards for ASOS, I will still be able to shop and the best part is free shipping to Australia and ASOS is just every girls' dream site.

4) Tillari

 I am a little traditional and I love jewelries. When I got married, everything was too fast I forgot all I ever wanted was a Tillari. I have told gentleman this is all I want but I don't see it coming.

5)Faux fur coat

At a major risk of looking like a bear and being shot down by animal rescue, I cannot stop wondering how soft, comfortable and warm fur coat would be like.

6) PJ

I don't know why but I want pajamas. Cute looking, absolutely soft pajamas. I like the idea of sleeping pretty and waking up pretty and I also frequently play with ideas of fire in the middle of the night or earthquake and I will have to run outside to be safe. I am also very fussy when it comes to sleep time, everything must be right from the pillow to the cuddle.

7) DHL gift vouchers

Do they even exist? Well, I certainly hope they do. I need this to transport my pillow and a few other stuffs I cannot squeeze into my luggage like my family, a wick basket and my heart-shaped laundry basket. And you wonder why I am not exactly ready to leave.

8) Four poster bed

This just spells enchanting romance and a chance for me to create our own fairy tale with the happily ever after even though people constantly pull me back down to ugly little earth and remind me fairy tales don't exist.

9) Loads of $$$$

You can never go wrong with giving me a stack of $50 dollars note. I will even give you a lap dance, if you ask nicely for it provided you don't look like a complete pervert and an asshole. Nothing ever works out without cash and I need a pretty big bag right to pay for an education, a car, a house, a good and comfortable life.

10) The last and always

Every year, I just wish for nothing but happiness when I blow out my candles and this upcoming year, I will wish the same and I wish for all of you to give me good blessing of best wishes for me as I start on life, for real this time. I think if you are happy, nothing else matters and no bullshit from life can get to you.

And with that, I want to wish all of you readers and well-wishers a very thrilling and exciting last couple of days before we count down to 2013. I wish all of you to get kissed by someone special as the seconds tick down to its last seconds of 2012 and I hope 2013 is a much better year than 2012 and if 2013 is shitty, come back to this and remember the 7 steps to happiness. I take my farewell for the year.

Happy New Year 2013!


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