Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What 2nd last day feels at work

Every day of the last month has felt like my last day and now, it is my 2nd last day, it really finally feels like the last day because it is the last day! I am coming into work tomorrow just because that means one less day without anything to do. It hadn't sunk into me that I was leaving this job until this morning as gentleman was packing his suitcase to come back home. He was humming a stupid song and my thoughts wondered about my own packing to do. A rock in my throat, I told gentleman this: "Today, I am going to clear my desk. The guy taking over me is already in love with my desk. My desk is going to be his."

For 11 months, I have held onto this desk. I have made the desk what it is today. I have bought life into this desk and the desk has support me all too well and the walls have become a good friend. Bidding goodbye to co-workers won't be tough. Bidding goodbye to my desk and the walls might just kill me. This is my first desk, having had worked freelance before, from the dining table at home and tables of local coffee shops with coffee mug stains on it. I have sat on this desk meeting the tightest of all deadlines, I have ate in front of this desk and got sick all over it. Got pissed around it for various issues and cried my eyes out. I have fought with gentleman on this desk over the Internet and entertained a lot of my fantasies, day dreaming right here. On this same desk, I wrote quite a few much-appreciated articles. I have made 11 magazines on this desk, 11 magazines I am proud to acclaim my hard work paid off. I wish I made 12 magazines here. I wish I made Living for the rest of my living life. This desk saw me as a new girl, saw me as an struggling soul, fought my confusions, made certain writing is what I am to do in life and made me stronger than I was 11 months ago. This desk has witness me hitting many climaxes and falling down as many times. This desk has given me comfort without even saying a word. I am pretty sure if the desk had arms, it would be hugging me right now. Maybe, it is hugging me as my heart sinks. I have too much history on this desk for me to not want to break it down to pieces and take it back home with me. This desk has encouraged changes in me, been there for me always and I am going to miss it so desky much. This desk has made me who I am today. Thank you, desk, thank you for all the good times and enduring the extremely messy me! I owe you one good scrub, yes I do. 

On the 9th of November, I am going to wake up and my planner will look like this;______________ and then a lot of 'Fuck, I am bored!' My mind won't be filled with all the things I have to wrap up for any issue. I will be jobless for the first time in my entire working life and I wouldn't know how to handle such freedom. I don't do well with freedom, forget how I am going to survive without a paycheck to go merry with when the shopping vein in me bugles. I am getting out of a routine I love too much. I hate changes. Give me two days and I will break out in an anxiety fever. This is ACTUALLY the first time I am jobless since I started making my own living. Holy moo moo! See, it didn't even take me two days to go all anxious and I am not even jobless yet, as least not until tomorrow. So people out in Australia, if you are hiring someone, hire me. Don't let me be unemployed for a  long time, I will go crazy. I have already started going crazy, just look at me right now. I will work for a minimum wage, if I must and I will work hard, nothing reciprocal to the amount I am paid. Hire me especially for reason you will never find anyone who laughs the way I do and a cheerful spirit is always bonus for anybody and any team! 

Editorial Coordinator/ Feature Writer for Living magazine - till 8th of November 2012

P.s: While I am at this, I should totally start writing my own obituary as well, not because I will die from the 'jobless syndrome' but because holy cow, how cool would it be to have written my own death note. It will go something like this, "I tried and I succeeded." Because I will succeed in this life, there aren't much options. Life always throws me around like garbage and leave me to pick up my own plastic bag and put all my dirt in it and carry on. Wherever life throws me, whatever I have in store, I take this new life as an opportunity to improve myself and create a better future for my future family. 

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