Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear baby at 15 weeks

Oh, how time passes by so quickly! I am sorry I have been procrastinating blog posts. But creating you has been extremely exhausting for me, and with school and dreadful winters, it wasn't helping at all. And now Spring is here, the exhaustion part of the pregnancy seems to be slowly leaving me and I feel way better than I did. I also no longer have an aversion to vegetables, which is a yay for us but nah for Daddy because I feed him complete vegetarian meals somedays and he goes, "Where's my meat!"

I have been meaning to tell you we saw you around at 13 weeks and two days. My lord are you going to be one little stubborn girl. Yes, you are probably a girl! We kind of saw your wee-wee but then again, the ultrasound lady (I bet there is a proper term for their profession but excuse you knuckle-head Mummy) kept saying, at this gestational age, it is still very common for all babies to look like girl. You must be wondering, why stubborn? One day when you are old enough, we will show your videos of you in my tummy and you will have a great laugh. I am pretty sure your Daddy has plans to show them at your wedding day. You simply refused to move or flip around, no matter how much you were nudged at that your Daddy got pissed about because he hated the ultrasound lady disturbing you (and he thinks hurts you as well). I was told to cough a few times but nope, you refused it. You knew how you wanted to be and you were exactly what you wanted to do. Atta girl! I love that about you already. And when finally you decided, okay, just be nice for a while…and you flipped, perfect! But yes, yes if you are absolutely our baby girl. Even at a wee bit size that you were (I can't remember how many CM exactly, maybe a eight or a 10), you are already showing characteristics very classic of both Daddy and I. You gave us a good laugh - and a lot of aw. Darling baby, we love you so much already…can you imagine how much more we will love you when you are finally in our arms? Which we can't wait for!

Your Daddy dearest is on cloud nine. He loves massaging you, touching you and calling you a naughty baby or cheeky baby when you put me in a roller coaster ride. He comes home each night, rubs you and asks if his baby has been naughty. Yes, his baby. While I feel it is unfair to start calling you naughty so soon, I can't help but find it  absolutely adoring. Your Daddy's love for you is such a contentment for me. The way he loves you, I wonder if I will ever match up to it and the way he loves you, makes me love you just the same and makes you even more real to me than ever. It is very easy to forget I am pregnant mind you.

My belly size, well, it is starting to show but it generally looks like a pile of fats to the rest of the people. We are hitting four months in a couple of days and we are still not looking pregnant. Maybe by five months, more people will finally understand why I am constantly eating and looking so fat and round around my tummy, and why I am extremely tired all the time and have a lot of difficulties just being active enough to study like the rest of my classmates. Today, the entire day, it feels like my womb has been stretched in all parts of corner at intervals. You must be making Mummy's womb your favourite playground. Just enjoy yourself in there little hub, and be careful around the umbilical cord…just be careful darling.

And yes, it is surprise you are a girl. So much that if you turn out a boy in the end, I wouldn't be at all surprised! But sex doesn't really matter to us. Your Daddy hates when I wish you were a boy instead for several reasons. But really, I don't mind whatever you are. I just need one goddamn thing from you tiny little thing and that is, for you to be the healthiest cherub in the world. Promise me that.

With love,

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