Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby effects: We see you!

Dear bub,

On Friday, we saw you for the first time. Your Daddy is still so amazed we have you. The flicker of your heartbeat on the screen is still something your Daddy fondly thinks of daily, I am sure. I have read stories of people tearing up and getting all emotional, but sorry, I don't have any fancy stories to tell you, except that your Daddy was pretty much blown away and I thought I knew how you looked but turned out, I had made your butt your head and your head, a butt. Haha! I can only imagine how you will come out. 

Your Daddy is absolutely excited to see you and meet you. He can't seem to stop thinking about how you would look like, how his first child will look like. One night, he was just talking normally and then suddenly he remembered you and he went all emotional and he started thanking me for carrying his child and being the mother of his baby. That bought tears to my eyes and the biggest smile on my face. And kissing me. 

But something is also happening here, I don't really enjoy it when your Daddy kisses me nowadays. I go all squirmish, and offer him my chin or side cheeks for him to kiss and that too with a lot of muscle spasms and distant and he gets offended. Today he slapped my butt when I turned my face upside down when he kissed me before he left for work, saying, "That's just the smell of Colgate," as he had just brushed his teeth. 

At almost 9 weeks, you are doing weird things to mummy. I am starving but things feel so weird around my mouth that I don't even want to open it, needless to say, putting food inside seems like a forbidden idea. My tongue feels heavy and it's all sort of different taste - starving but a serious lack of appetite. I am sorry if you are not getting the right nutrients while I decide what might sound edible.

Pregnancy is such a weird thing. My body and its needs changes every few weeks, just when I get used to it. For the last few weeks, I battled with constant hunger issues to the point of annoyance. I would eat a good meal and than 20 minutes later, my stomach feels absolutely empty. I gained almost three kilograms from all those eating all around the clock. And now, I don't feel bloated and yucky, and I am pretty sure the three kilograms I had put on, is already lost along the way. Now, I am again learning the new effects of 8 weeks pregnancy. It's hunger but zero appetite, even when I try to think of the yummiest food on earth.

Yesterday, I had a long day in school and came home and huffed down some delicious lasagna I had made the day earlier with some leftover chicken and I slept after it was digested and woke up pretty late. I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat and it was getting annoying. I was hungry and starting to feel really nauseated and then your Daddy came from work and rescued the day. I wanted egg fried rice like how my mother makes it. Simple and so delicious. But your Daddy, in attempt to make a more filling and healthy very late dinner for me, bugged me with "Do you want carrots in it? Vegetables? Frozen ones? Fishballs?" At one point, I snapped and muttered, "Just egg, rice and soy sauce." I heard him going, "What a bitch!" Ha! 

I knew it wouldn't be good, something would have gone drastically wrong but my oh my, it was as if my mother has made it for me. I ate the whole damn plateful which left even your Daddy surprised with a can of sprite in ice ( really couldn't help it). I don't know how he did it, because I have tried many times to do the same but I always end up with shitty taste. I was so very thankful. 

So I have been very extremely tired these days, wanting to always lay in bed and do nothing, I can't even fall asleep. Been having serious cravings for all the food I could find in Nepal - the street food, momo and chowmein (together), thakali khanna with fermented radish pickle, mom's food, sel roti and Alu, a lot of starchy food like potatoes and turnips which I never used to like, chatpateh, Korean food, pizza from Fire and Ice, more thakali food, even dhedo and sisno, (dhedo is something I never enjoyed), and sukuti ko jhol with timur ko achar (just the jhol cos I don't like the tough meat), and pure milk tea, fried wai wai noodles, chowmein drowned in ketchup and momo ko achar, Cafe Soma's Rosemary Burger and wedge fries and their thick milkshake...every goddamn Nepali food I can think of, I want it! I really hope sometime in this pregnancy, I can get back home to just eat the good food but I don't see it happening with school and everything :( 

But I try to recreate the dishes here and let's say, we are having a ball testing out culinary skills. Also, I can't wait for you to come out, just so the multi-vitamin pills I take for you can take a detour. I dread each part of the night when I have to take those huge pills. I usually down it with some juice or ice green tea or something sweet but some days, it just threatens to come back up and leaves an awful after taste. But baby oh baby, I am so glad I am the few lucky ones who didn't suffer from any morning sickness and for that, cheers baby.

With love, 


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