Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear baby at 5 weeks

Today, your Daddy and I did the pregnancy test after a week of waiting. Until in the morning, your Daddy was a heck of a boy, not wanting to believe you are here to meet us earlier than we thought and so he insisted on an appointment with a doctor and in the next three hours, we were walking down to Clayton Road Doctors, a GP clinic, to get referrals for blood test which is booked this following Monday and, eventually a referral to Monash Medicare Centre where we plan to have you.

This morning, we started out fine, I woke up late 7, with a need to pee. So I gathered the test kit and a pail scoop and went peeing away. Your Daddy, he hasn't slept at all or well into the night so, I just told him I needed to pee and he said, he'll join me soon. Your Daddy claims he couldn't sleep much at all because he couldn't stop thinking if we have a baby on the way, so much so that he had asked me to take the test as we called it a night. Anyway, I took forever to pee and do the test, or maybe he was too anxious and curious, he popped out of bed and we hugged, I cried because I was scared I guess, and I still am. He went to check on the results, and it turned negative! You were not here, I could dance if I wanted to but I knew I still had to drink milk instead of caffeine loaded tea for breakfast. Your Daddy seemed confused and without reaction for most of the part because that is just how he is - he needs an equation and he needs to solve it and all I gave him was half an equation; I am never late with my period! 

But you were here indeed, much later, I was about to throw the kit into the bin when I saw the positive strip coloured as well, I suppose we checked on too early to tell because the stain was just moving towards the end of the strip. The doctor assured us that its not a leakage or a false positive as we suspected it was because, apparently, only a particular pregnancy hormones, the HCG can make the second line appear. Your Daddy is so ecstatic! He can't stop talking about the future with you; the nauren and more, wish I could specifically remember it all for you but sorry, I can't seem to. Me, on the other hand, I am just happy and doing whatever I can do to keep your safe and protected. Your Daddy is an amazing man, he slept last night rubbing you saying, "Don't hurt mummy too much." 

Well, I just started on my pregnancy multivitamins and I sprung awake at 2am in the morning like it was already 9am. I could point to the pills but I wouldn't know. It is close to 5am now, your Daddy is sound asleep and I feel myself getting tired as well. 

You are going to be one exciting ride to take, we know. I am starting to feel a little more tired these last two days and sharp cramping-like, suspected to be implantation pains, otherwise, I don't feel pregnant. Long drives irks me out especially since they give me stiff backs; the same every weekend drive to Frankston, Aunt Sue's home, seems like double the time it used to feel like and we are still at a tiny sesame seed that you are now. 

How are you feeling little bub? Are we taking good care of you? Are you nice and warm and enjoying the vitamins? What about all those meat cravings and dhal and bhat, are you as satisfied as I am? 

With love,

*15 June 2013

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