Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby at 6.5 weeks: Nausea hits

Dear Bub,

I feel like you are enjoying yourself, laughing even every time I start to feel terrible and probably thinking to yourself, "Mummy, I am just training you, and you are doing soooooo good!" Yesterday, I did a horrible thing to your Daddy. I woke him up in the middle of the night, begged and later dragged him out of his sleepy state of mind to take me out for a drive and maybe some Chinese breakfast, at 5am! It was crazy but all I wanted was to get out of the house. The whole room was stinking to me and obviously, I couldn't sleep. Your Daddy was pissed, but he is learning the hormones are something he can't avoid and it is better if he deals with it in smiles and sunshines than a tiny little frown.

We drove to Burwood  Highway, with the 24 hours K-mart in mind but later I remembered the Singaporean-Malaysian restaurant across the street and all we wanted to do was snuggle in some Roti Prata and a plate of Mee Goreng with a cup of Malaysian Tea. But it was closed. The problem with Melbourne is that there are only a few eateries that opens early and closes late. We drove around a bit and since I wasn't up for The Pancake Parlour or any other fancy restaurants in the city (and I wasn't dressed at all for it), we drove to Box Hill and as expected it was a dead city except for McDonalds which I would have love to eat but your Daddy was persistent in having something healthy. So we sat down and ordered some expensive waffles which was extremely sweet and too thick, completely not what I could stomach. One bite and I was done. My eyes kept roving around for the bread shop next door to open and the instant the gates shuttered up, I grabbed a deep fried sausage bun. I am loving sausages now something which I used to avoid before. I had a bite and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be but I didn't want to be such a picky eater and so I ate it bite by bite, slowly. It was nice but at that moment, all I wanted was McDonalds. I learnt then that I shouldn't be so unpersuasive when it comes to food. If my stomach or you demand this specific food, I need to convince your Daddy all other food are not an option. Your Daddy learnt that as he rushed through morning traffic to get me home before I puked all over his new car.

I ran straight into the door, one shoe accidentally got stuck in between the ajar door but I couldn't be bothered and went straight for the toilet bowl. This morning at around 7am, we celebrated our first puke. Your Daddy just stared from the door in total amazement and barely made out his next few words. "Are you fine?" And I was completely fine. The only thing I wanted to do next, after emptying my stomach was sleep and I slept until 11.30am like a baby until your Daddy came waking me up. The whole of yesterday, after every meal, I am been throwing up. Until your Daddy came home from work and fixed me a fresh salmon congee from scratch and it was the first food I could hold in throughout the day. I was starving and literally shaking from hunger and weakness, by the time the congee was ready. I always feel like you want your Daddy's love, maybe that is how you reward him.

All that puking has stopped today, funnily. Though I am so tired that we came home from Springvale and I instantly zonked out for hours straight while your Daddy fixed our next mounting TV unit. But today, I have also been eating all the food I am craving for. I thought I could eat all of the Char Sui Pau but after a few bites, I was done. Instead, I was aiming for your Daddy's Vietnamese Roll with BBQ pork slices. I had seen the lady put drops of fish sauce in it and I was all queasy seeing it but my lord, it was the best thing in the world. I couldn't stop myself. While your Daddy finished the rest of my pau, I took small but delicious bites of it. And since I can't eat too much, I couldn't have it all and more and now, I can't stop thinking about how gorgeous that entire combination was, even with all the vegetables in there which I can't seem to stand. Baby oh baby, you make food all the more confusing for me than ever.

So I have this intense cravings for all types of noodles and your Daddy doesn't let me have instant noodles (one day I gave in, despite knowing it was a horrible food lacking in proper nutrients and very high in MSG and I woke up hungry twice in a row, something which has yet to happen.) I never liked Pho but today, I was walking about the Vietnamese suburb and I saw people biting into chunky pieces of beef and rice noodles and a hot bowl of soup and I wanted it terribly but I knew I couldn't hold it in and I wouldn't be able to have more than four bites of it and besides, from personal experiences all of these food are spiked with too much MSG and I really don't have the stomach size to drown water like a whale that I used to be before and with the onset of dehydration from yesterday's puking incidents, it was only going to be a bad idea. So I got a step smarter, bought some pork bones and made a broth out of it for more than three hours under fire and had it with egg noodles. Absolutely heavenly! I love it when your Daddy is home because when he is home, the entire environment of the home is so vastly different and naturally, I feel good.

Puking incident nailed down to zero from thrice after every main meal before supper with Daddy yesterday has something to account for. Your Daddy is the man!

With love,

*29 June 2013

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